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Conscious Happiness

A course on taking charge of our happiness (or 40% of it anyway).
At Cortijo Romero  (Spain) September 2017

Action for Happiness AfH) is a UK organization devoted to spreading the evidence-based science of happiness ( There are many actions we can take to increase both our own happiness and that of people around us (in fact these two are closely connected, as you might guess). There is now a whole research effort measuring the effects of interventions (such as a regular gratitude activity, or Doing Something Different each day). A simple picture is that 40% of our happiness comes from our own actions; only 20% from our environment and 40% is ‘fixed’. “Exploring What Matters” is an 8-week classroom course designed by AfH; this provides the inspiration for the Conscious Happiness course at Cortijo Romero.

The CR environment allows extra aspects of happiness to be explored. Regular contact with fellow explorers allows deep connections to build, where people can learn from each other, and experiment with new ways of connecting. Movement around CR engages energies not accessible in the classroom. Trips out into Orgiva and the local natural environment allow connections with groups, individuals and nature to be explored.

The course will engage both the heart and the head, to an extent chosen by each explorer. Opening the heart can bring about profound discoveries of what is possible, new ways of increasing our happiness. Exploring ideas through discussion and written material can engage a brain enthusiastic to increase the happiness of the owner.  A taste of the ideas can be found on the AfH website course link, and in the excellent book ’Ten keys to happier living’ by Vanessa King.

Our intention is to build a ‘Happiness Laboratory’, where you can experiment with what works for you. The experience (vivencia in Spanish), the feelings we have, tell us everything. Our relationships with ourselves, with one other, with a group, and with the Universe are the keys to our happiness; these can all be explored at CR.

Paul Tofts has led a kind of ‘double life’. On the one hand, he remains a successful academic scientist, with an international reputation, and has made important contributions in medical imaging physics. At the same time, he became aware that his human side needed care and attention, particularly if he was ever to have a successful and sustainable relationship. This prompted a life-long study of his own humanity and happiness, and the discovery that love and courage are important keys to making progress. Gestalt therapy, Cortijo Romero, Nonviolent Communication, the Biodanza vivencia, and Action for Happiness have all been important and challenging discoveries for the scientist. Finally he met Claudia, he married for the first time and they rode off into the sunset.

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